Thursday, 16 April 2015

New books

This one slipped off the 'to do' list last month, so here we have new books from the beginning of the year up to 12th March.






Additional copies of items already in stock

Help with copyright for creators, media professionals, entrepreneurs, and students

A spring clean at home surfaced an article on 'copyright user' from some time ago, which I ripped out of a magazine.  I have been meaning to share it, so here it is with a couple of related websites.  There are also a range of books available on the topic in the library.

“ is an online resource aimed at making UK copyright law accessible to creators, media professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and members of the public.”

" if you want to get permission to use somebody else's work, or want to know about how copyright relates to your own work."

Copyright Guide for University Students (JISC Legal - 31 December 2014)

"...sets out to answer questions that university students may have about copyright.  It is intended as a document staff can provide to students to inform them about the basics of copyright enabling them to protect their own work and to use other people’s materials lawfully."
NB: JISC legal has now closed, so this guide won't be updated.  

Other resources

Morrison, C. (2015).  Copyright the Card Game.  Available from Jorum:

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Routledge 'Most Read'

Routledge are offering free access to the 25 most read articles from all of the Arts & Humanities subject areas.  These include Art & Design, Film and Cinema Studies and Media and Cultural Studies.  These are free until 31st March 2015.  However, I think we have subscriptions to most of the content anyway.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Spring Catalogues

The beginning of the year is when a lot of publishers are releasing their Spring catalogues, so I have been taking a look at what is coming out in the first half of 2015, and beyond.  Let me know if you have any other suggestions or want to comment on these.

Mark Neville - Fancy Pictures
Mark Ruwedel – Pictures of Hell
Mark Ruwedel – Message from the Exterior (not yet published)
Philip Trager – New York in the 1970s

Hatje Cantz

Thames and Hudson

Columbia University Press

Duke University Press

Use link to Spring catalogue

MIT press


Yale University Press

For a New World to Come; Experiments in Japanese Art and Photography,
1968–1979 / Yasufumi Nakamori


University of Texas Press

Columbia University Press

University of Minnisota Press

Bloomsbury (Design & Graphic Arts (includes Photography; and Animation))

- An very interesting selection of titles from Bloomsbury this year, including this (not included in the catalogue above).

Thursday, 25 December 2014

New books - Happy Christmas

No, I'm not working on Christmas day!  However, last Friday before leaving work, I ran the new books reports and scheduled this post for the following Thursday - which just happens to be Christmas day this year. 

These are quite long lists, so a useful tip is to sign into Library Search and change the display settings so that you get 50 results per page.  You will find this in the Personal Settings within 'My Library Account'




Happy Christmas!