Sunday, 19 December 2010

Photography books of the year

There has been several 'photography books of the year' type articles published recently.  The first that I was aware of is from The Telegraph and features the university's very own Max Houghton. 

The Guardian's Sean O'Hagan is not content with one list but has two - the first of which is personal list, the other, published in The Observer, is arranged by genre.  Prudence Hone also has a list published by the Guardian.

There are also lists published on the blogs 5b4, Conscientious, and Alec Soth makes a selection on his blog. 

PDN has a list in two parts - although only part two seems to be available online.

Photo-eye magazine makes an excellent list each year, but have not yet published one for 2010. Their 2009 list is worth revisiting though.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

A Plagiarism Carol

Its almost Christmas, its cold outside, you have assigments due... So, what you need is the University of Bergen's pastiche of A Christmas Carol... featuring the not very Norwegian sounding 'James.'

The Library Services produced guide to 'Referencing your work' is available for free in the library or online.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2011

The German Photobook Prize awards for 2011 have been announced, which seems a little premature.  The web site is in German, but it is easy enough to work out who gets the gold and silver gongs in the following categories: Photobook; History / Theory; Textbook.

The 'gold' winners are listed below:


Stanley Green. Black Passport. Benteli*
Nadav Kander. Yangtze –The Long River. Hatje Cantz
Lillian Bassman & Paul Himmel. The First Retrospective. Kehrer*
Christian Lutz. Tropical Gift: the Business of Oil and Gas in Nigeria. Lars Müller
Bruce Davidson. Outside / Inside. Steidl


Cynthia Young. Mexican Suitcase. Steidl


Uwe Steinmueller & Jürgen Gulbins. Handbuch Digitale Dunkelkammer. Dpunkt [ISBN for English translation: 9781933952710]

* In stock at Harrow

The written reasons given by the jury aren't so easy to figure out, but Google translate can help here.


I have ordered a copy of the textbook The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook: From Import to Output, which is published by Rocky Nook.  I will be looking out for an e-copy, but in the meantime you might want to take a look at Uwe's English-language website, Digital Outback Photo