Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Access to e-resources – troubleshooting guide for Xmas

With any luck, you are now ensconced in the warm hearth of home, surrounded by mince pies, the Xmas edition of the Radio Times, and everything you need for a merry festive break.  And you are not in the slightest way sorry that the university libraries are closed between midday on the 23rd December to 9am on the 3rd January!

If you do find yourself straying to the computer in order to finesse your essay, dissertation proposal, PhD theses, article, book chapter or module outline, you may find the following tips useful for overcoming problems accessing e-journals, e-books, and the like.


1.    Try another browser.  This is good advice for many issues, including downloading PDFs from Blackboard.  There is a known problem with the latest version of Safari, and if you are particularly keen on Safari, you can download a patch to resolve it (see  Alternatively, many users have suggested that Google Chrome is a good option.

2.    Get a PC!  (only kidding).  But if you do have a Mac and would like to access e-books, makes sure you have Adobe Reader installed (  The default viewer on Macs (Preview) is not compatible with our main e-book supplier, and will tend to display a page of nonsense code.  Open the files with Adobe Reader instead, or better still change your default PDF viewer to Adobe Reader.  To do this, CTRL click on any PDF document in the Finder window, click ‘Get info.’ then choose Adobe Reader in the “open with” section and click on the ‘Change All’ button.

3.    Viewing e-books often works by displaying the book one page at a time, embedding PDFs in a browser window.  If the PDF is not opening within the browser, open Adobe Reader and go to Adobe>Preferences>Internet and make sure that “display PDF in browser using” is checked.


1.    As with e-books, the simple advice to try another browser can resolve a number of issues relating to accessing e-journals (e.g. following links from Library Search to the full-text).

2.    You will need to be signed in to access an e-journal.  Once you get to a particular platform, look to see whether it has recognised where you are from (there will normally be a message to say that the resource has been brought to you by ‘University of Westminster Library’ ).  If that is not displayed, and you cannot access the content, look for a sign-in link at the top right hand corner of the screen.  It is normally described as one of the following:

UK Federation login
Institutional login
Shibboleth login.

Once you click this, you will normally be asked to select your institution.

3.    Check to see whether the library subscribes to the content you are trying to get.  You can check what e-holdings we should have for any journal by signing in to Library Search and clicking on E-journals.  This will also provide you with a link to the journal.

Library Search

1.    When using Library Search ‘articles & more’ do not rely on the ‘quick search.’  This is not a complete search of the resources available to you.  Choosing a specific subject scope (e.g. Art & Design, or Arts & Humanities) or searching a particular databases (e.g. Film Indexes Online for film students) can often provide better results.

Alternative sources

1.    Google Books ( often provides extensive previews of books.  You may find that several pages are missing, but this is still better than nothing.  Search for, “The Contest of meaning: critical histories of photography” for example.

2.    Other works may be provided on an author’s own website, and can be identified using Google.  Putting the title of a work in quotation marks can sometimes help – try "Of Mother Nature and Marlboro Men” as an example.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Photography: History and Theory

It's not often a new textbook covering theoretical perspectives on photography comes on the market, so I will be interested to view the following when it arrives:

Photography: History and Theory
By Jae Emerling, J.

More details here:

Monday, 12 December 2011

Happy Christmas!

Opening Hours
The library will continue to be open 24 hours a day until Friday 23 December, when we will close at 12 noon.  We will reopen after the Christmas vacation at 9 a.m. on Tuesday 3rd January.  Details of opening hours at all sites are available here.

You will find links to lists of new books added to the collection below, and details of a few new ebook packages too.  There are also three new journal titles for you to look at.

Happy Christmas!


"Happy Christmas", Christmas card from

Focal Press collection online
An excellent collection of ebooks from Focal Press is now available via Science Direct.  Access the collection to find manuals for Animation (e.g. Maya), Film & Television Production (e.g. Final Cut Pro) and Photography (e.g. Photoshop).  Includes Langford's Basic Photography (Ninth Edition),  The Manual of Photography (Tenth Edition) and  Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers.

Palgrave Media and Culture collection 2011 online
A collection of ebooks from Palgrave, with a particular emphasis on film.  Access the collection here.

Cambridge Collections Online

Electronic versions of the Cambridge Companions series - Literature and Classics; and Religion and Culture.  This includes Cambridge Campanions to...
Walter Benjamin

Access via Library Search

New Books
I have continued to upload lists of new acquisitions to my Google Books account, and posted links on the blog.

New Journals
The following journals are newly available:

C Magazine (Arts & Humanities Full Text) - check out the Autumn 2011 special edition on libraries

√Čtudes Photographiques‎ (Arts & Humanities Full Text - 6 months delay)

Photographies (print and online)

Bridgeman Education: New e-resource
An online resource from the Bridgeman Art Library which provides access to over 370,000 images all copyright cleared for educational use.  Access here:

Library Search upgrade
Library Search now includes 'Quick Search' for articles.  This is a faster search than previously available, but for a more comprehensive search you should continue to use one of the subject scopes.

New books - Sept -Nov 2011

Hello there.  Lots of new books added to the collection for Semester one, and lots more on the way!  We have increased our range of books by Sara Ahmed, Judith Butler and Jacqueline Rose, and on the topic of globablisation.  We have two new major publications - Magnum contact sheets and The New York Times Magazine photographs, and new titles by Edgar Martins and Taryn Simon.


2011 Animation Sept-Nov 2011

2011 Film&TV Sept-Nov 2011

2011 Miscellaneous Sept-Nov 2011

2011 Photography Sept-Nov 2011

Thursday, 1 December 2011

New DVDs

Link for new DVDs at Harrow

DVDs in the collection at Harrow can be returned at any site, but they must be issued from Harrow.  The loan period is one week, and they can be renewed once only.  Three items from the audiovisual collection can be borrowed at a time.

Contact me to suggest new films for your course.