Thursday, 25 July 2013

New ebooks

Students of photography will be pleased to know that the Routledge compendium, Fifty key writers on photography, is now available as an ebook.  This came into the collection in February in paperback, and I commented then that the quality of the paper was poor, so I'm glad to see it available now online.  This is the sort of book that online works very well for.

We will also be adding a number of film-related titles to Library Search, which have just been made available from Hong Kong University Press via  The OAPEN Library is a relatively new venture which is working with publishers to make good quality academic texts available for free online.  It launched a couple of years ago, at which point the number of titles was - understandably - limited.  However, today there is a good range of titles in the area of Film, Television and Radio.  Its definitely a resource to watch I feel.