Thursday, 24 October 2013

Photobooks of the year roundups

You will have noticed that the leaves have started dropping off the trees, and the shops have started putting up their Christmas decorations.  Yes, we are approaching the end of the year!.  With it, expect a blizzard of end-of-year photobook surveys. 

An early list (back in July) comes from Top 10: Best photography books of 2013 (until now).  And now we have lists from Paris Photo/Aperture  (Awards shortlist); Kassell Foto Book Festival (Photobook awards 2013), and the Lucie Awards (nominations).

There is always a healthy amount of diversity in these lists, but one book that appears on three of these lists is Mike Brodie's, A period of juvenile prosperity, published by Twin Palms.


What should replace Daylight?

The magazine ‘Daylight’ looks like it has ceased publication, and so there is an opportunity for us to put our subscription money (£46.57) into another publication.

What to buy?

The possible choices, as I see it, are Blind Spot ($65), or Blow (Euros 45) (both nominated for a Lucie Award this year), and Kilamanjaro (£30) or Colors ($75).  The latter two have been requested by academic in the staff in the past and I think I am veering towards Kilamanjaro.

Eyemazing is also a possibility.   However, having published for a decade, it now seems unclear whether this magazine is going to continue.  I can find no subscription information online, and the old website now links to the Thames and Hudson page for the new retrospective book.  The cost is also likely to be about double what Daylight cost, as the figure I have seen quoted is £85.

If you would like to express a preference, please email me asap.

Brief descriptions of the contenders, as I see it, are below:

Blind Spot
Blind Spot is a semi-annual art journal that publishes unseen work by living photographers. In Blind Spot, images are given primacy and published collaboratively rather than curatorially, unaccompanied by introductory, biographical or explanatory text. Blind Spot is not about photography, our content is photography.  Nominated this year for a Lucie award

Currently blocked by the University servers. This is an A3 magazine, published quarterly in Ireland. Nominated this year for a Lucie award.

Kilimanjaro Magazine is a vibrant printed space, dedicated to visual culture and editorial experimentation.  Reviewed postively in Vogue, Esquire, Creative Review, etc

COLORS was originally conceived as a nomadic magazine that would wander the world. After being founded in New York, it moved to Rome, then Paris, before moving to Fabrica, Benetton's Communication Research Center in Treviso, northern Italy in 1997.

Winner of the Lucie award in 2008, and runner up in 2011, Eyemazing is, "a unique moving gallery dedicated to international contemporary photography."

A comprehensive list of photography magazines that I know
(the highlighted ones are the ones we subscribe to)

8 Magazine - ceased
Ag -ceased?
Blow - 45 euros
CPhoto - $86, 2 vols. per year  
European Photography* [available online via Library Search]
Exit - 100 euros, 4 issues
FLIP [London Independent Photography]
Portfolio - ceased

Changes to magazines in the last few years
Portfolio Magazine ceased publication in 2010 (after twenty two years)
8 Magazine ceased publication in 2011 (after ten years)
British Journal of Photography became monthly in 2010
FOAM Magazine added to the collection in 2012
Photoworks moved from bi-annual publication to annual in 2012

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Oxford Handbooks Online

We have recently acquired the philosophy module of Oxford Handbooks Online, adding many useful titles in this series to our online collection.

Examples include:

The Oxford Handbook of Aesthetics  / Jerrold Levinson (ed.)

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Education / Harvey Siegel (ed.)

The Oxford Handbook of Political Philosophy / David Estlund (ed.)

The Oxford Handbook of the Self / Shaun Gallagher (ed.)

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Death  / Ben Bradley, Fred Feldman, and Jens Johansson (eds)

View all of the 'Oxford Handbooks' that we have online here or find out more about the series here, or watch the video below.