Thursday, 20 February 2014

New issues - journals and magazines

Imaging Science Journal

New Review of Film and Television Studies [Special edition on Korean director, Sang-soo Hong]

Quarterly Review of Film and Video 

Wide Screen [Special edition on Indian cinema]

Coming soon

Susan Meiselas, Aperture’s spring issue, “Documentary, Expanded,” which "explores a cross section of critical questions for practicing documentarians today".

Photomediations Machine

The is an interesting-looking project, which has been going since April last year: 
"a curated online space where the dynamic relations of mediation as performed in photography and other media can be encountered, experienced and engaged." (

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Photography ebooks - basics creative photography

Three out of four of the books in the 'basics creative photography' series are available electronically, and I have provided links below.  We have some of this sort of book available in print, but mostly manuals of this sort are delivered online.  Take a look here to discover hundreds of photography manuals available online, or try some searches for yourself on Library Search.

Basics Creative Photography 01: Design Principles.
Jeremy Webb.

Basics Creative Photography 02: Context and Narrative.
Maria Short.

Basics Creative Photography 03: Behind the Image : Research in photography.
Anna Fox, Natasha Caruana.

Reading photographs [Basics Creative Photography] - print only
Richard Salkeld

Routledge Visual Arts - Most Read

Routledge are currently offering free access to the 'most read' articles of 2013 within its visual arts portfolio. We have access to just about all of these anyway, but you might like to take a look to see what was most popular last year.


Stuart Hall dies

Stuart Hall - one of the most influential cultural theorists of his generation - died on Monday.  Find books by Stuart Hall at the University or find out more on CredoReference.