Thursday, 16 April 2015

New books

This one slipped off the 'to do' list last month, so here we have new books from the beginning of the year up to 12th March.






Additional copies of items already in stock

Help with copyright for creators, media professionals, entrepreneurs, and students

A spring clean at home surfaced an article on 'copyright user' from some time ago, which I ripped out of a magazine.  I have been meaning to share it, so here it is with a couple of related websites.  There are also a range of books available on the topic in the library.

“ is an online resource aimed at making UK copyright law accessible to creators, media professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and members of the public.”

" if you want to get permission to use somebody else's work, or want to know about how copyright relates to your own work."

Copyright Guide for University Students (JISC Legal - 31 December 2014)

"...sets out to answer questions that university students may have about copyright.  It is intended as a document staff can provide to students to inform them about the basics of copyright enabling them to protect their own work and to use other people’s materials lawfully."
NB: JISC legal has now closed, so this guide won't be updated.  

Other resources

Morrison, C. (2015).  Copyright the Card Game.  Available from Jorum: